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Cousultancy IOT.

my offerings:IOT

my offerings:IOT


Cutting edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are radically transforming many businesses and industries. Adapting to these technological changes is absolutely necessary for them to survive and grow.

This is the age of smart homes and smart cities. Household devices like Kitchen Appliances, Lighting, Air Conditioners, Locks, etc., connect and coordinate with each other via the Internet and are completely changing the way we live. Internet of Things makes this possible by bridging the physical and digital worlds.

As a consultant, I work with customers to understand their needs and help them to adopt IoT and enable the digital transformation of their businesses. I help businesses and industries across sectors to effectively conceptualize and leverage these technologies for growth.

I help companies to automate the service notifications for their machinery. Modify automated production lines to accommodate new products. I also help businesses with product prototypes for their smart devices. Consultant for Unilever for building data collection and monitoring using Raspberry Pi and Splunk. Helped build a prototype of an automatic oxygen level monitoring system for Shrimp farming.

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