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my offerings:StartUp

my offerings:StartUp


1. Startup businesses face several challenges in their initial years. If they have to evolve as successful ones, they need the right kind of guidance and help. So, Mentoring early stage startup has become an important activity in its own right.

2. As a certified mentor I provide guidance and help for early stage startups: Work with the founders to fine tune their ideas and translate them into products and services.

3. One of the biggest challenges faced by startups is putting in place the right kind of strategy. With my experience as an entrepreneur, I help them with their strategy and prioritize their tasks.

4. Often startups find it difficult to find the right kind of talents. I help them in building a talented team.

5. Start lack of knowledge and experience, I help them in networking so they get in touch with the right people.

6. Help them find markets for their products and services and optimize their scarce resources.

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